KiwiSDR 2 on the horizon…

A number of SWLing Post readers have shared a link to this post by KiwiSDR creator John Seamons on the KiwiSDR forum. In it, he (somewhat reluctantly) describes a new version 2 of the KiwiSDR that is in the works.

Image source: KiwiSDR Forum

John writes:

I don’t like to announce something before it’s ready. But my hand is being forced.

So please consider this a pre-announcement. There are no guarantees.

The PCB and bill-of-materials (BOM) are finished and ready for prototype construction.

The problem is I don’t know WHO is going to build this or HOW. So I don’t know WHEN it might be available. And most importantly I don’t know what it might COST.

If YOU have specific ideas about these questions please email me. I’m especially interested in full-service manufacturing and distribution outside of China.

KiwiSDR 2 Goals:

Minimal changes. Fastest time-to-market with lowest possible risk. BUT since the PCB is going to be re-spun fix some of the known limitations that don’t add too much risk:

    • New RF front-end:
      •   Balanced input via balun transformer
      •   Digital attenuator (per the advisory group: pSemi PE4312, 0 – 31.5 dB, 0.5 dB steps)
      •   Gas discharge tube (GDT) across input in addition to TVS diodes
      •   Static drain resistors (100K) from input connections to ground
    • External ADC clock brought out on third SMA connector
      •   Self test loopback mode using a short cable between this SMA and antenna input
    • New GPS chip to replace current one which is now EOL
    • Reverse polarity protection (via P-FET) on 5V DC input
      •   TVS diode across 5V input

I have an email advisory group. Many, many other changes and additions were considered and deferred. They have been put onto a list for the future.

Additional info as things progress.

Thank you.

Readers: If you have suggestions for John regarding a manufacturing and distribution facility outside of China, please connect with him on the KiwiSDR forum.

In my opinion, the KiwiSDR has been the most accessible and effective web-based SDR platform out there. I’m looking forward to version 2 and hope it becomes a reality in the near future.

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4 thoughts on “KiwiSDR 2 on the horizon…

  1. TomL

    I don’t want to register for another web site, so, if someone could forward this video to John, much appreciated. SDRPlay uses two England-based manufacturers:

  2. Daniel Robinson

    We can only hope for quick progress on locating an acceptable manufacturer for this so we can all continue to enjoy online SDR activity around the world. The existence of the KIWI network has provided us with ways to continue SW, MW and other listening.

    1. Mark Fahey

      Agree 100%!

      I have four KiwiSDRs installed in different locations around the world with one being publicly available (Freemans Reach Australia). For me, they are amazing machines as my personal interest is not in “radio” or “DX” but rather an interest in broadcasting and the media. To be able to relocate myself to hundreds of locations around the world and tune from 0 to 30 MHz as a local is the ultimate.

      For those unlucky dudes trapped in an urban jungle with unbearable QRM it allows listening without restrictions.

      If you are sitting right next to your own Kiwi in your own shack, or using one from another hemisphere, the user interface and experience is identical. To me this is pure magic – the hundreds of KiwiSDRs available around the world become “my own” while I am tuned to them.

      Such an amazing receiver!

      1. Bill Munny

        Indeed, what you said is so true. My neighborhood is awash in electromagnetic noise from all sorts of devices, with light dimmers, DSL modems, and badly maintained power lines being the worst sources. On top of that my region’s mediumwave stations have terrible programming. KiwiSDRs around the world get me out of the rut, with access to great stations and nearly laboratory quality receiving capability. I never imagined that a day would come when I could go out for exercise in my local park and stream a Brazillian music station to my earpiece, streamed from a KiwiSDR thousands of kilometers away. Q5 copy and none of the local junk…

        I wish all the best to John Seamons and his group for this phase of the KiwiSDR and hope the upgraded receiver attracts thousands of new users.


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