Paul’s short recording of Marconi Radio International

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Jamet, who writes:

Hi Thomas,

I tried in vain to pick up Radio Marconi International … And I’m not the only one! I’ve used several SDR kiwis installed in Italy, and only one has enabled me to listen to this station, which has only a very weak transmitter.

Here’s the audio file below [RMI signing on at 18hOO UTC] and a snapshot of the screen of my PC (see above):


Kind regards.

Radio Club du Perche

Thank you for sharing this recording, Paul!

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3 thoughts on “Paul’s short recording of Marconi Radio International

  1. Paul Manoli

    I did receive their transmission but the voice was very weak and unintelligible. Did hear some music at times but buried in noise.


    Not yet Tim! But I just read this message on their Facebook page:

    ” We have changed our QSL policy. All reception reports will be confirmed with digital QSL complete with data with the exception of those that are the result of listening through remote online receivers, so-called web sdr. The latter will be confirmed with a PDF letter that, except for the location of the web SDR, will not include any details about the listening. The best reports of receptions, i.e., rich in technical details, comments and stories about what the listener does in life, will also be confirmed with paper QSLs as long as a mailing address has been given in the mail. ” – [Automatic translation Italian into American English]

    So, wait and see …

  3. Tim Brockett

    Thanks for the recording. I tried to pick them up too but did not have any luck. Hopefully they will have a nother test broadcast soon!
    Did you receive an eQSL?
    Thanks again,


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