Eclipse Time and Amateur Radio Astronomy Opportunities

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Marty, who writes:

Hi Thomas,
Here’s two interesting opportunities for hams and SWLers from NASA:

Radio Jove and HamSci:

Link for required radio kit:

From the article: “Radio JOVE hopes to improve our understanding of the ionosphere… if you’re a ham radio operator, you can get involved with HamSCI, which also plans to observe the upcoming eclipse.”

Sounds like fun!

This is a brilliant idea and Radio Jove is a solid project. You’re right that enthusiasts should also follow HamSCI as they have many opportunities to be a citizen scientist in the radio realm! Thank you for sharing, Marty!

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One thought on “Eclipse Time and Amateur Radio Astronomy Opportunities

  1. Phil Marshall

    I’m jealous. The 1984 Annular eclipse opened up a fantastic path to Mexico and Asia from the Atlanta area where I was at the time. I’ll see if I can dig my logs up and compare them to how things progress in CA.


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