Carlos improves quality of radiofax decodes

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Carlos Latuff, who writes:

I made some adjustments and now I receive better quality radiofaxes. Since I started receiving radiofaxes in 2021, I had forgotten a fundamental detail.

To tune 1.9kHz lower than the advertised frequency. For example, the frequency of Kyodo News is 16971 kHz. I therefore tune in 16970 kHz. Of course, the fact that I tune in at 4:10 am in Brazil also makes a difference, as the propagation is quite good at that time.

Thank you for sharing that tip with up about moving down 1.9 kHz lower than the broadcast frequency. It certainly works–your decodes a very clean.

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5 thoughts on “Carlos improves quality of radiofax decodes

  1. Tom Stiles

    Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, I can’t read the English paper. Maybe it better in the original. Thanks again. I think I will try it using one of the online radios that is closer.


  2. Ron Fox

    I am a former Naval Radioman from the early 1960’s. We used to receive our weather maps at sea by radio facsimile. We put paper on a rotating large steel roller. The the intensity of the radio signal sent an electrical spark through needle arm to the roller burning a picture onto the paper. Is that method still used today?

  3. Mario Filippi

    Very nice copy, Carlos. Thanks for sharing and thanks, Thomas, for posting. That station is pretty hard to copy on the East Coat, at least in my experience.


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