Preorder WRTH 2024!

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom Ally, who writes:

I am not sure if you saw this in your email yet, but you can now pre-order the WRTH 2024 at

During checkout, apply the code earlybird to unlock a 5% discount. Remember: Shipping is free!

Thanks for the tip, Tom!

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10 thoughts on “Preorder WRTH 2024!

  1. Oliver Schmidt

    Yes, shipping is free all over the world. We decided to raise the price and ship for free instead of having many different prices for customers.
    Our distributor in the US will receive the first part of the books by airmail. After that, the books ordered by the “early birds” will be sent first.

    Oliver (Co-Publisher of WRTH)

    1. Bill V Lee

      Seems so.

      Used a Mastercard credit card.

      Got a message invoice back.

      Subtotal $49.90 USD
      Total $49.90 USD
      Payment $49.90 USD

      This is their “second year” handling this stuff.

      They are ready now for Canada
      but not the exchange rate foofurall.

  2. Steve

    Earlybird code doesn’t work for the discount. The price is in euros, so it’s more in dollars. It seems to be coming from Europe, so shipping could take a while, unless it comes by air. Unless you have an immediate need for it, it might be wise to wait until it’s available in the US.

      1. Dean Bianco

        I just placed an order after reading this. I clicked the link and paid via PayPal. Free shipping, and a 5% discount was applied.

      2. Steve

        I knew about the free shipping. The final bill would be in dollars if you are in the US. Were you charged $49 or another amount? Thanks.


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