Jarno spots vintage radios in “The Undeclared War”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jarno (PA3DMI), who writes:

Hi Thomas,

I found some radio’s in the UK spy series ‘The Undeclared War.’

It’s GCHQ the spy department in the UK. In episode 4 one of the leading characters makes a visit and look so many Yaesu, Eddystone, Heathkit and many more radio’s.

Bye from Amsterdam,

Jarno – PA3DMI

Many thanks for sharing this, Jarno! This looks like a fascinating series as well. Thank you for the tip!

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6 thoughts on “Jarno spots vintage radios in “The Undeclared War”

    1. Gareth Woods

      No, it is certainly a KW107 or KW109 Supermatch. I use a KW 109 almost daily and that is a Supermatch made in Dartford, Kent. The one I have is a very late production model branded Decca because Decca bought KW and continued making some of the ham radio gear, although their main interest in KW was for the marine radio market. Later KW returned as a reseller of Ten Tec transceivers rebadged, at first, as KW. It was planned to build some Ten Tec models in the UK, but I don’t think that ever happened.

  1. Gareth Woods

    There is a Racal RA17 or RA117 in the background. Behhind that what appears to be a n R1155 ex-RAF receiver of WW2 vintage. To the right of that is a big Eddystone receiver, possibly an 830 or 940 from the 1960s.
    On the bench, right to left: a KW Electronics KW107 or 109 Supermatch. A Japanese transceiver typical of the 1980s, possibly a Yaesu FT-101ZD. Next is another KW piece of kit, possibly a KW2000 transceiver in its’ G-Line cabinet, very similar to the cabinet of the Collins S-Line. If the next G-Line cabinet is associated with it, what we possibly have is the seperate KW204/ KW202 transmitter and receiver.
    On the shelf behind the G-Line cabinets is a Marconi CR-100 (B28) receiver made for the British Admiralty in WW2.Next to that is na stack of Japanese transceivers, the smaller ones on top possibly VHF transceivers. To the right of them a typical Yaesu transceiver, possibklt an FT-101ZD or FT-901DM. Above that is a military radio that I do not recognise, but it is certainly post WW2. It’s a pity the lighting isn’t a bit better. It is certainly a well equiped shack.

  2. adid

    On the left shelf I can see Kenwood transceivers, Trio in the UK .
    Ahaaa, it’s in the UK ? then backed beans in the sheck.

  3. Dan

    The radio he is tuning in the second picture appears to be an ICOM from the 80’s…I used to have an IC-730 and it looks very similar to that.


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