3 thoughts on “Video: The Hidden Signal Inside A Platinum Selling Album

  1. Kris Partridge

    A most interesting 7 mins & 21 sec.
    There was an embassy with HF transmitters nearer those recording studios in Portland Place than the Chinese (PRC), the Polish Embassy, but they did not have such an impressive HF antenna as the Chinese.
    In the 1980’s London’s diplo district the rooftops were well covered by HF antenna. Some are still there today.
    Also nearby was the BBC Amateur Radio Club station G3AYC. And it was from where the invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentina 1n 1982 was first confirmed to the public by the BBC after a QSO between G3AYC (op: G3UML) & VP8LP.
    73 de KRIS, G8AUU es SO6AUU/9


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