Radio Bulgaria’s international reach

Vintage Radio Bulgaria QSL

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Radio Bulgaria: A Beacon of Cultural Diplomacy and International Communication (

In the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, a beacon of cultural diplomacy and international communication has been steadily broadcasting its message to the world since 1936. Originally named Radio Sofia, the Bulgarian National Radio’s international service, now known as Radio Bulgaria, transcends linguistic barriers by offering news in an impressive array of 11 languages. From its inception as a short-wave transmitter, Radio Bulgaria has evolved into a vital source of information for its global audience, despite its relatively low profile at home.

From Short Waves to Global Reach

Radio Bulgaria’s journey began under the moniker Radio Elza, marking the country’s strategic move into the realm of international broadcasting. The initiative was propelled by the recognition of radio’s potential to cross borders, connecting Bulgaria with distant lands and cultures. Over the decades, the service expanded its linguistic repertoire to include Bulgarian, French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Serbian, Albanian, and Romanian. This multilingual approach has not only showcased Bulgaria’s rich cultural heritage but has also facilitated a dialogue with the world, fostering understanding and friendship between nations. [Continue reading…]

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6 thoughts on “Radio Bulgaria’s international reach

  1. Rob Wagner

    As others have commented already, this article is a hotchpotch of disjointed rubbish. It was produced by a recently launched (2022) “news” organisation called “BNN Breaking”. Search for that name in Wikipedia. The first paragraph tells you all you need to know. In my humble opinion, The SWLing Post would do well to steer clear of news items from this AI aggregator.

    1. Andy

      Yeah this “news” source is just a load of rubbish, as noted by others.
      Stay clear of it, it’s of no value at all.

  2. Fred Waterer

    Radio Sofia, Bulgaria was my eureka moment. In the summer of 1978 I was playing around with an old radio of my Dad’s. Not much was happening and then I heard a woman speaking in accented English. I hung around listening to that program and was absolutely gobsmacked when she said “You are listening to Radio Sofia, Bulgaria”. I was immediately hooked and became curious to find out just what else I could hear on this funky radio. *Indistict mumble* years later, I am still as excited to hear a distant signal.

  3. Joé Leyder

    I’m sorry but when Radio Sofia is referred to as a beacon of communication during the cold war, that is a blatant lie
    As all stations under Soviet domination, there was no free speech nor independent news.
    This article can be used for any shortwave station. Looks like chatGpt was invilved. Just sentences without meaning.

    1. Graham

      I agree, I may be old now, but after many years as a technical author and telecoms product analyst, this is just disjointed / loosely-related statements. As a life-long follower of Radio Bulgaria from the earliest Shortwave days. I have watched ( heard) their Broadcasts migrate from that early Communist rhetoric to a broader, more pro-eurpean viewpoint. But this article it just rubbish….

    2. Peter Gibson

      “Just sentences without meaning.”
      Of course. And if you are into SWL and DXing, you know that. For me, the main thing is more the catch. I used to listen to Stations like R Sofia, R Tirana, Vietcong bc from the Ho Chi Min Trail in the 1950’s and 60’s, and of course it was propaganda. But that made it even more interesting. And I often listen to Pyongyang just for the music.


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