Announcing the new SDRplay RSPdx-R2 software defined radio!

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SDRplay announces the RSPdx-R2 

SDRplay Limited is announcing the launch of the RSPdx-R2 which is an enhanced version of its highly popular multi antenna port SDR, the RSPdx.

Jon Hudson, SDRplay Sales and Marketing Director said “Global supply chain support issues have prompted some  redesign of existing products to ensure continued supply for our UK manufacturing partners. With each new member  of the RSP family, SDRplay tries to include improvements. This has given us the opportunity to offer performance  enhancements at the same time as assuring supply”.

The RSPdx-R2 provides up to 10MHz spectrum visibility anywhere from 1kHZ to 2GHz with no gaps. It features:

  • Improvements to the RSPdx for MF frequencies and below:
  • Improved noise performance below 1MHz
  • Improved dynamic range below 2MHz both in tuner mode and HDR mode
  • 3 Software selectable inputs, including a BNC input for up to 200MHz
  • A 500kHz LPF for LF/VLF
  • HDR mode for enhanced performance under 2MHz
  • Notch filters on all inputs
  • A rugged steel case

More details on 

The suggested retail price is £188.00 GBP (excluding VAT), $235.00 USD (excluding tax) or €225.60 EUR (excluding tax).

SDRplay recently launched their free multiplatform SDRconnect software which as well as running on Windows, will  also run on MacOS and Linux/Raspberry Pi. As with their SDRuno windows software, the emphasis is on “plug and  play” making the SDRplay receivers an easy-to-use and low-cost way to discover (or rediscover) the radio hobby for  anyone who already uses a computer.

The UK manufactured RSP family of SDR receivers are available directly from SDRplay Ltd. or from authorised resellers  worldwide. More details on 

For more information visit the SDRplay website on

About SDRplay:

SDRplay limited is a registered UK company, with registered offices in the UK and Ireland. UK: SDRplay Limited, 21 Lenten Street, ALTON, Hampshire, GU34 1HG, UK, Registered Number: 09035244 Ireland: The Black Church, St Mary’s Place, Co. Dublin, D07 P4AX, Ireland, Registered Number: 3591295EH Correspondence Address: PO Box 1180, Princes Risborough, HP22 9TD, United Kingdom


Click here to view on YouTube.

Data Sheet

Click here to download the RSPdx-R2 Data Sheet. (PDF)

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7 thoughts on “Announcing the new SDRplay RSPdx-R2 software defined radio!

  1. John Balzer

    I’m using an RSP1a, never thought I’d be doing DXing on my laptop!! As an old timer chasing old fashioned QSL cards, the SDRplay device sure beats my Hallicrafters S-120 I thought was the ultimate back in the 1960s! THANK YOU SDR paly!!!!!!!

    1. Mark Fahey

      Yes it’s amazing, I use a number of SDR’s at my jungle shack (home) in Indonesia and the SDRplay RSPduo is my go-to (favourite) receiver by far. I have a few communications receivers here as well including an AOR, they never get touched – the SDRplay receiver is just so superior in every way. Another big plus for me is the now available SDRconnect software to run it most of my computing is via MacOS.

  2. AM Bob

    Still requires a noisy pc to work with. There should be more standalone SDR HF receivers as these boxes require farting around with buggy software – no plug and play with these devices, more like plug in and become frustrated.

  3. Ray Robinson

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if receivers like this had been available 50 years ago when there was actually something worth listening to on the bands!

    1. Chuck Rippel

      Geeze, what a novelty even a “reasonably accurate” frequency readout would have been back in 1970 when I started listening!

  4. Jeff Puro

    I recently purchased a Rsp-Dx. I purchased it from HRO here in the U.S. So far I’m very pleased with my purchase and the radio itself. It’s a great setup, and I’m still in the learning curve phase. What I would like to see in the future is an Rsp-Dx with an upper frequency of around 4ghz.


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