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Source of Dansk RX-4000 EPROMs?

(Photo: Mount Evelyn DX Report)

(Photo: Mount Evelyn DX Report)

SWLing Post reader, Lindsay (VK3CML), recently contacted me with the following question about his Dansk RX-4000 receiver:

I’m in need of a set of EPROMs, for my Dansk RX- 4000. It uses three EPROMs to program the micro; one of these has developed a fault, which shuts the radio down. Could be interested in another radio if in working order. The EPROMs are 2732/64/128.

I have tried to contact Dansk, and I am still waiting a reply.

Maybe you or someone in your group could help in this matter? Of course, I’m quite prepared to pay all costs.

Thank you Lindsay. VK3CML

Post readers: If you can help Lindsay locate a set of EMPROMs or another RX-4000, please comment!

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