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Do late model PL-880s lack some hidden features?


SWLing Post reader, Del Fields, writes:

“I’ve bought a new PL-880 this year (2015) and apparently some of the “hidden features” are not hidden anymore. They don’t even exist. HaHa.

For example, I tried the DNR hidden function by pressing and holding 6. Nothing.

Also I tried the hidden date of manufacture trick…..nothing. I tried the pressing holding while turned off, the AM BW button and did that twice and got “8820”. Pressing and holding a third time just returned it to normal off screen. Just fyi. But I do wish there was a DNR function or a squelch feature.”

This is interesting, Del–I have no late model PL-880s to try out these hidden features. My PL-880 dates from November 2013 (see the manufacturing date displayed on screen above).

Have any others who have recently purchased the PL-880 noticed this? Click here for a complete list of PL-880 hidden features.

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