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FlexRadio PowerSDR now incorporates SWLing features!

flexradio-1500Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, John (AE5X), who writes:

Hi Thomas – I thought you might be interested to know that KE9NS has updated PowerSDR software for Flex 1500, 3000 and 5000 series radios with the following features:

  • SWL BANDS: 14 standard Shortwave Listening bands, each with their own Bandstacking memories.
  • SWL SPOTTER: SWL.CSV database file (from eibispace.de) provides over 11000 shortwave broadcast, utility, and government frequencies all displayed directly on the Panadapter. Right Click on a station to open up a google search.
  • SWL Listing screen: Displays currently operating SWL stations by Frequency and is
  • SEARCHABLE by Station Name. Left Click to go to frequency. Attempts to determine the mode (AM, DIGU, USB, CW).

Here’s a YouTube video demonstrating:

Thank you for sharing this info, John!

I know a number of Flex owners that will be happy with this added functionality. At one point in the past, I considered purchasing a Flex 1500 and using it as both a QRP transceiver and shortwave listening SDR. I’ve held off, though, mainly because so many other affordable receive-only SDRs have hit the market. Someday, I may take the plunge and add an SDR transceiver to the shack, though. Nice to know KE9NS has SWLs in mind.

Post readers: Any SWLs out there using their FlexRadio SDR for SWLing?  I’m curious if you can record spectrum and, if so, how wide the bandwidth can be set. Please comment!

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