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Retirement Sale: Grove Enterprises liquidating inventory

grovewebheaderIt appears that Monitoring Times is not the only division of Grove Enterprises that will close shop when owners, Bob and Judy Grove, retire.

Indeed, Grove Enterprises is liquidating their entire inventory in a retirement sale. There are deals to be found in their shortwave radio selection and entire catalog of products.

Still, sad to see this reputable radio retailer close shop. I’m grateful that Universal Radio and C.Crane are still in business. I’m a strong believer in purchasing from radio retailers rather than online sources like Amazon.com. No doubt, Amazon has competitive pricing and good customer service, but frankly they could care less about the radio hobby in general.  To Amazon, shortwave radios are simply a few dozen consumer electronics products out of the tens of thousands they offer.

Universal Radio and C.Crane both support radio clubs, events and hobby-related activities–Amazon does not. Plus, pricing is often very close or even lower than that of Amazon. This is why I always purchase from them if they have what I seek.

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