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Ken spots a number of radios in “The Day of the Triffids”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ken Hunt, who writes:


I don’t know whether you’ve featured “The Day of the Triffids” before on your RITM series (I searched for “triffids” on your site and came up empty).

If not, there are three scenes in the 1962 movie where shortwave radios are used to listen for information during the post-Triffid apocalypse. First, in a navy ship’s radio room, second in a lighthouse, and finally, inside an estate near Cadiz, Spain.

The radios are all boat anchors.

Best wishes and 73s,

Ken Hunt

Thank you for the tip, Ken! Somehow I’ve made it through life without knowing about The Day of the Triffids. I’ll try to find an online source of the film and perhaps even read the book!  Thank you!

Can anyone ID the radios in these screen shots? Please comment!

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