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eBay find: Mullard Meteor 600A

Mullard-Tube-Radio-Bakelite-1Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Monti, who knows that I have a serious affinity for 1940s era receivers. Monti writes from his home in Australia:

I had to send you this link Thomas. I’ve never seen this model before but what a stunning shape for a 40’s piece.

Look at this on eBay:
Mullard Meteor 600A Vintage Art Deco Bakelite Valve Radio c.1947

Lovely! While I could never pay $485.00 AUD for a non-working radio, I can certainly appreciate this gorgeous and unique design with radiating speaker grill louvres.

Check out this beautiful “meteor” dial:


What a stunning radio!

Here are a few more pics I snatched from the eBay listing:




Thanks for sharing, Monti!

Any lucky SWLing Post readers in Australia or New Zealand own one of these Mullards?

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