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Just arrived! The 2013 Pirate Radio Annual

Happiness is finding the new 2013 Pirate Radio Annual in your mailbox!

2013 Pirate Radio Annual

If you love pirate radio, or simply want to learn more about it, the Pirate Radio Annual is a must read!

Find out how to get your own Pirate Radio Annual by clicking here. I’ll try to post an overview in the coming weeks.

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Halloween: pirate radio’s holiday

Halloween is typically the most active day of the year for shortwave pirates…so, here are two things you’ll want to do this Halloween:


HobbyBroadcastingBlogCheck out Andrew Yoder’s new pirate radio blog with its deceptively simple title, the Hobby Broadcasting blog. Andrew is the author of the Pirate Radio Annual and a guru on shortwave pirate radio. His blog is still relatively new, but he has already posted several station loggings and QSLs. He’s even logged some Halloween stations, as Halloween began last night in Universal Time.


Like Andrew, listen for pirate radio stations today!  Turn on your radio anytime today, but especially around twilight and tune between 6,920 – 6,980 kHz. Pirates broadcast on both AM and SSB; you’re bound to hear a few.

Happy Halloween to all! 

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