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Ragnar’s review of the RFspace NetSDR

The RFspace NetSDR wideband receiver

The RFspace NetSDR wideband receiver

A few weeks ago, I posted a link to Universal Radio’s used receiver page which featured a used RFspace NetSDR. Ragnar Daneskjold (of Pirates Week fame) jumped on the deal. Ragnar had been contemplating an SDR purchase for some time, and the NetSDR fit the bill.

Now that Ragnar has had some time to play with the NetSDR, he posted some of his impressions which began with this statement:

A few weeks ago I purchased a Net SDR from RF Space. I have to say that I love it. Its just a black box that resides in my basement but it has revitalized shortwave listening for me.

Ragnar evaluates the NetSDR using three different SDR applications: CuteSDR, sdrDX and SDR-Radio.

Click here to read his full post which also includes instructions on how to listen to his Internet-connected NetSDR.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the NetSDR, Ragnar!

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