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The new Sangean MMR-99 series emergency radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mangosman, who writes:


I saw the Radio World review of the Sangean MMR-99 (page 16).

As I usually do I go to the source which in this case is the Sangean website to find

    • Sangean MMR-99 FCC AM/FM and in the USA version Weather radio band.
    • Sangean MMR-99 which is the UK version which is AM in the MF band for 9/10 kHz channel spacing No Low Frequency (LW) band.
    • Sangean MMR-99 DAB which is interesting because it is typically DAB+/FM no AM or Weather Band.

Your posters around the world may wish to review this radio which is available on line and in retailers.

Thank you for the tip! Impressive that MMR-99 is IP55 rated and ruggedized. I like the fact they’ve also made regional variants of this radio even including DAB.

The US version of the Sangean MMR-99 is available on Amazon.com (affiliate link) for $89.76 shipped

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