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The annual “Santa Net” on 3916 kHz


If you have a shortwave radio with SSB mode, you too can listen to the Santa Net on 3916 kHz LSB every night until Christmas starting at 01:30 UTC (7:30 PM CST). Of course, if you’re an amateur radio operator, you can talk to Santa as well!

(Source: Southgate ARC)

Santa Net 3916 kHz

Larry Shaunce WD0AKX provides a reminder that at this time of year kids can talk to Santa at the North Pole via amateur radio

Every year before Christmas, there is the Santa net on 3916 kHz on the 75 meter ham radio phone band 7:30 CST or 0130 UT. Round up your kids, grand kids, or neighbor’s kids and let them talk to Santa at the North Pole.

Watch Talk To Santa By Ham Radio – It’s The Santa Net On 3916 kHz!


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