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Shortwave Radio Index now has tags for country of origin

Ten-Tec receivers are Made in the USA

Several readers have written to ask where various shortwave radios are manufactured, and if there are models that are manufactured outside of China.

By and large–with the exception of one Sony model–shortwave portables are manufactured in China, with a few possibly originating in nearby Taiwan and Malaysia.  Chinese facilities certainly produce exceptional value for performance…but sometimes you want to buy something built in your own country, or just a little closer to home.

Many models of SDRs, tabletop, and professional receivers are made in Europe, Japan, Australia, and the USA.

As a result of these inquiries, we have now curated the Shortwave Radio Index, our comprehensive list of shortwave radios currently on the market, tagging each entry with its “Made In” country. If not tagged, assume the unit is made in China.

Our compliments and thanks to those who’ve written us.  We have to agree: country of origin is worth keeping in mind, when you’re shopping for a receiver.

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Note: Please email us if you note any errors or omissions. This is a work in progress. Whenever possible, we’ve actually confirmed the country of origin with the manufacturer.

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