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A little gift (for you) that keeps on ringing…

Apple-iPhoneWith a nod to the holidays, I thought I’d give a little gift to my readers– just in time to ring in the New Year, too.

One of the quirkier radio experiments I’ve made recently is to create ringtones based shortwave station IDs and interval signals. My favorite, thus far, is that of the Voice of Greece (a.k.a. Radio Station of Macedonia) because it has the hallmarks of a great ringtone: it starts very quietly (giving you time to turn it off if you left it off in a meeting) and is distinctive from practically any other ringtone on the planet. It’s also loud enough to get your attention.  Yet it’s wonderfully humble, suggesting a halcyon locale–a shepherd’s pan pipe underscored by the gentle arrhythmic ring of goats’ bells.  A Greek vacation in every ring.

I’ve had the Voice of Greece as my ringtone long enough that I was recently listening when the VOG ID hit the radio, and my daughter called out, “Daddy!  Your phone is ringing!”

If you would like my VOG ringtone, it’s yours–free! {Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!}

I have links to two formats below: one for iOS and one for Android.  Simply right click and save the file to your computer.

Click here to download the iPhone (iOS) version. If you have an iPhone, simply import the downloaded file into iTunes on your PC/Mac. It should recognize the file as a ringtone and place it in your “Tones” category. Once you sync your phone, it should appear in your ringtones on your phone.

Click here to download the Android version. Instructions for adding the ringtone to your Android phone can be found here.

Vintage-1920s-Christmas-Card (1)

Now, if you’d like to hear something a little more festive than a ringtone, I’d encourage you to listen to this studio recording of beHAVior Night on the SW Radio Audio Archive.

“Sir Scratchy” has kindly shared this with us.


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