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Credit card radios: Paul seeks info about the “SW One-Station Radio Clip T2”

The Sony SRF-201

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul, who writes:

On a recent visit to London’s Design Museum, I was thrilled to see a number of very interesting radio designs and models, some of which were familiar, and others I had never seen before.

Two which caught my eye were tiny Sony models from the mid 1980s.

The Sony FM RADIO SRF-201

One – the Sony SRF 201 -seems to be a little more well-known, and I’ve found plenty of information about it online, including some for sale, although it seems that the internal battery in most models is shot.

The SW One-Station Radio Clip T2

The other, which I’ve not found much about yet, and am hoping you or your readers might help with, seems to be known as ‘SW One-Station Radio Clip T2‘. It looks as though it might be a branded/promotional model for Radio Tampa, and seems to be pre-set to, or allows tuning on, shortwave between 3.945/6.115/9.760 MHz. Possibly this one is more recent than the 1980s, looking at the earphones.

I’m having trouble finding much online about the second radio, and wondered if you could help shed some light on it? I can’t even find a ‘Radio Tampa’!

Unfortunately, while the museum has great iPads at each section with some more information, the unit at the Sony section was not functioning!

Post readers: If you can shed some more light on the SW One-Station Radio Clip T2, please comment!

Thanks for sharing this, Paul. I have a soft spot for credit card radios since I used to sneak one into my 5th grade class and listen to FM stations. Somehow, I never got caught!

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