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Updates: SWLing Post email subscription, correspondence, and gratitude…

Hello, SWLing Post community!

I just wanted to share a few quick notes this morning:

1.) New email subscription service up and running

As we mentioned in previous posts, we are now using a new paid email subscription service (Aweber) for those who want to receive a daily digest of SWLing Post articles. It’s super easy to sign up, and I’d encourage you to do so if you haven’t already.

We’ve replaced Feedburner’s free email delivery service which Google has announced (after pushing out the date once) will close sometime in August 2021. As of today, it seems email digests are still being propagated via Feedburner, but note that it will end this month when Google turns off the service.

Again, check out our initial post about the transition if you have any questions.

At time of posting, we have 691 subscribers on the new service.

2.) Swimming in email

I love correspondence from readers, but as I mention on my contact page it can take me days or even weeks to respond especially if you need a complex, multi-answer reply. I do my best to reply to each and every email I get, but these days it can be very difficult because my free time to reply is so limited. On average, I receive anywhere from 30-40 emails from readers per day that require a reply, but only have perhaps 30-60 minutes per day to answer them, thus they stack up. Every few weeks, I try to work through the backlog when I have a morning or afternoon free to do so.

A few suggestions/requests that would really help me:

If you have a news tip, it would help to note that in the subject line of the email; for example, “News Tip: RCI to build shortwave transmitter on the moon.” That sort of thing. 🙂

If you have a guest post proposal, please note this in the subject line; for example, “Guest Post Proposal: How to build a benchmark receiver with chewing gum and four shoe boxes.” I absolutely love guest posts because by virtue of publishing them, I get to read and enjoy them as well. I’ve learned so much from your amazing articles. Thing is–and I’m sure anyone who’s been blogging for a few years can relate–we receive mountains of SPAM guest post and sponsored posts emails from (I’m guessing?) robots. Or androids. Or possibly Skynet…the point is, anything you can do to make your email stand out by showing you’re a human and you have a real radio article would help. This is especially important if it’s your first time contacting me.

If you have a specific technical question–especially one where you’re trying to gather input to make a quick decision–consider leaving a comment/question in an appropriate post before contacting me. The SWLing Post has a daily readership in excess of 7,000 individuals; if you post a question in the comments, there’s a strong likelihood it will be answered in short order!  [There’s an even better chance it’ll be a more accurate response than you’d get from me!]

If you want to contact, me feel free to do so! Just understand if it takes time to reply. I especially enjoy your kind comments, compliments, and encouragement. Please don’t stop sending those. 🙂

I actually caught up with my email backlog this weekend only to discover this morning that (at some point a few weeks ago) Google started sending loads of legitimate readers emails to my SPAM folder. I rescued about 52 messages from SPAM this morning. If you haven’t gotten a reply from me, this is likely why. I’m going to attempt to work through many of these this afternoon.

3.) Thank you…

As always, thank you. The SWLing Post is a labor of love and I’m fueled by your kind words and, yes, by your generosity via our Coffee Fund and Patreon. The SWLing Post will always be free to read, and free of annoying pop-up ads. Never feel like you have to support the site–especially if you have a tight budget–but I certainly appreciate your support if you can. I’m still amazed each day by the incredible radio community that has developed around this site. It’s truly an honor to be its curator and custodian.

Thank you,


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Reminder: Sign up for our new SWLing Post Email Digest today!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, sometime in July 2021 (possibly tomorrow?) the email subscription service we’ve used since 2008–Feedburner–will be shutting down.

We’ve invested in a new email service that is actually much better than the old one.

Please sign up for the new service in the form below or via this dedicated sign up page.

Sign up form:

Note that if you don’t sign up for the new service, your email subscription to the SWLing Post Digest will end at some point in July 2021. Sign up for the new service to avoid disruption.

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Important: Sign up for the new SWLing Post Email Newsletter!

As mentioned in a previous post, we are migrating from Feedburner to a new email subscription service called Aweber.

Feedburner has announced that they will discontinue all email delivery at some point in July 2021.

If you are currently a subscriber to the SWLing Post email digest, you will need to subscribe to the new service in order to continue receiving daily email digests. 

Of course, this does not affect RSS subscribers or WordPress subscribers–only those currently using Feedburner (about 1,700 of our readers).

If you receive our newsletter and would like to continue, please sign up for the new service in the form below or via this page.

Sign up form:

Note that if you can’t see the form above, click here to use this dedicated sign up page.

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Problems with email delivery of the SWLing Post?

A number of SWLing Post readers (about 1,200 of you) are signed up for and receive our posts via email. In the past two weeks, I’ve received a number of messages from readers noting that they haven’t been receiving any email digests.

If this is the case for you, I encourage you to try signing up once more through our current RSS-to-Email provider. Click here to sign up.

Please keep in mind: I’m planning to move our email delivery from Feedburner to a different service. I’ve been exploring options this month. If you have experience with RSS-to-email systems, feel free to comment!

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SWLing Post: Exploring a new email delivery system


For the past six years or so, we’ve used Google Feedburner as an email distribution system on the SWLing Post. Feedburner is a bare-bones RSS-based system, but it’s worked quite well–allowing readers to sign up for individual Post emails or daily digests.  It’s also free for both readers and for me.

However, in the past two months, I’ve received numerous comments from readers and contributors describing very flaky and unreliable behavior from Feedburner.

Truth is, even when I signed up to use Feedburner, Google had all but abandoned the project support-wise. Many bloggers feel that Google could simply pull the plug on Feedburner with little notice, so I’ve been looking into other options.

When I update SWLing Post functionality, I also upgrade functionality.

Over the past few months, I’ve been looking into alternate email distribution systems.  Almost all of these are paid systems, and I’m only considering those that are reliable and have been in business for a long time. These systems typically charge based on the number of emails delivered per month and the total number of subscribers.

In the next couple of weeks, I hope to start trial subscriptions to these services and see which one I like best. I’m especially interested in a system that has better formatting than Feedburner (which, essentially, has no formatting–!).  🙂 Once I commit to a system, I’ll import all of the current subscribers into the system and you’ll have an option to adopt it as your new platform. I’ll also post a new sign-up sheet.

Please be patient as I go through this process–my schedule is jam-packed at the moment, so I’ll be exploring all of this in my spare time.

If you have any email delivery systems recommendations, please feel free to comment or contact me directly!  Thank you!

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