Problems with email delivery of the SWLing Post?

A number of SWLing Post readers (about 1,200 of you) are signed up for and receive our posts via email. In the past two weeks, I’ve received a number of messages from readers noting that they haven’t been receiving any email digests.

If this is the case for you, I encourage you to try signing up once more through our current RSS-to-Email provider. Click here to sign up.

Please keep in mind: I’m planning to move our email delivery from Feedburner to a different service. I’ve been exploring options this month. If you have experience with RSS-to-email systems, feel free to comment!

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4 thoughts on “Problems with email delivery of the SWLing Post?

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  2. Bill L

    Yes, since I have been ‘missng’ the email alerts of new postings for a couple of weeks, I visited and scrolled down until I found this explanation.

    I too have set up and RSS feed as a supplement to the email notes.
    Since I rarely erase my RSS feeds results, I will have an sort-of archive of your postings.

    The RSS feed is behind those little orange ))) buttons often in the URL display of your web browsers.
    Or see for what it will display in the RSS feed, usually about 10 or so new ones with every ‘refresh’
    and there is a second button for Comments feed.

    Most web browsers can have an RSS feed tool built-in or as an add-on. There are numerous dedicated RSS readers.
    I like the RSS tools in the Mozilla Thunderbird email tool, with indexing, subject trend bar graphs, full searching and the like and indented subject categories.
    I use the small and ‘portable’ (no writing to Windows registry) RSS reader QuiteRss, available in many languages.

    [ By the way, could the designer of this blog please put a reply/#replies button at the bottom of each posting as well as at the top? We read a long post and then have to go back to the top many kilometres up the page to open the comments page. ]
    [[ And I hate reCaptcha graphics, over and over again when we don’t know that the images are supposed to be, not running a browser at full screen. Is there are system other than the sound option for the Blind? ]]

  3. Mike

    Thomas your RSS feed is a great service! I have my MS Outlook email client setup with multiple RSS feeds and quickly see if any RSS articles, including from SWLing, have been posted. I would highly recommend the RSS feeds to others to use.


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