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Does the Tecsun PL-880 have a hidden ETM function?


SWLing Post reader, Claudiu, writes:

I have a question regarding the ETM (Easy Tuning Mode) function on the Tecsun PL-880 model. Its indicator is visible on the LCD screen [see above], but I couldn’t find any mention of this function for this model. What should one do to enable that indicator and use the function? I’ve seen mention of this for earlier models (PL-380/PL-390), but not for PL-880, even after looking over the hidden features. Do you, or your followers, have any idea on this?

Very good question–it would be nice if the PL-880 had a hidden ETM function, but I suspect the PL-880 may simply use a stock Tecsun display; “ETM” may be standard print.

By chance, has anyone discovered a hidden ETM function on the Tecsun PL-880? If so, please comment.

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