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ShortwaveSchedule.com: An up-to-date online frequency/broadcaster database for shortwave radio

ShortwaveSchedule.com's interface is easy to use and read. (Click to enlarge)

There are a number of online shortwave frequency databases out there, but until recently, I was never satisfied with any one single site. Some of the more user-friendly sites are horribly out-of-date and many of the up-to-date sites are difficult to navigate when you’re in a hurry. After all, it’s one thing to view schedules in a book like WRTH or the Worldwide Listening Guide, where you can touch the page and make notes; it’s a much different experience to scroll down frequency listings on your computer monitor.

I’ve been using a new shortwave schedule database recently called ShortwaveSchedule.com, and I must say, I’m very pleased with it. This site combines several useful features into one shortwave schedule database that have previously not belonged to any one site.

This site makes it easy to search by frequency for quick ID and for a full listing of what is broadcasting at that moment.

This site’s database allows you to search:

  • By broadcaster
  • By frequency
  • By what’s on the air “now”

These are the most common searches I use when I need a quick identification. The site is basically an online version of Aoki’s Bi Newsletter shortwave transmission database.

Best yet, the site’s owner, VAXXi, tries to continuously improve the site and is even open to suggestions from users. I made a suggestion recently and received a quick response.  The site author also created a very helpful online user guide and updates the homepage with version notes.

Anyway, check out the site and feel free to comment, to note your favorite online schedule site, or make suggestions.

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