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WiNRADiO introduces the Excalibur Pro WB (WR-G35DDCi): an SDR with 32 MHz bandwidth


The new WinRadio WR-G35DDCi will reecord 32 MHz of simultaneous bandwidth; in other words, the entire MW and HF bands.

Of course, you’ll need a Petabyte hard drive to store that data!

(Source: WinRadio Press Release)

The Australian manufacturer WiNRADiO, well known for their pioneering work in the

field of software-defined radios, will be showing their latest new product development, the WR-G35DDCi, also called “Excalibur Pro WB”, as a world’s first at this year’s Ham Radio show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. This direct-sampling shortwave
receiver with a tuning range from 9 kHz to 45 MHz boasts a real-time processing bandwidth of 32 MHz, the world’s widest for a receiver of this class. This is further matched by other excellent parameters such as high frequency stability (0.5 ppm),
superior dynamic range (107 dB), excellent sensitivity (0.10 ?V) and very high IP3 (+31 dBm). Also on offer is a 45 MHz wide real-time spectrum analyser with waterfall display.

The “Excalibur Pro WB” comes as a PCI-e card, which is fully shielded for operation inside a computer, and employs a high-grade 16-bit 100 MSPS analog-to-digital converter, together with highly integrated FPGA circuitry. This combination enables
the WR-G35DDCi receiver to perform exceptionally well across an extremely wide range of signal levels and at the same time offer an instantaneous bandwidth of 32 MHz. The user can therefore continually process, record and replay the entire
shortwave band in real-time. The receiver’s robust front-end is equipped with an ultrahigh linearity amplifier which offers exceptional strong signal performance. This is further optimized by a switchable low-noise preamplifier together with a configurable multi-band pre-selector.

By employing innovative direct-sampling digital down-converter techniques and a choice of leading-edge components and design concepts, the WR-G35DDCi introduces numerous special features that are usually not available with other
receivers, irrespective of their price, including a suite of  measurement and test functions. There is also an external reference clock input and a FPGA interface bus provided, which allows this receiver to be used in advanced phase-coherent multichannel systems.

Amongst other special features, there are three demodulator channels, ranging in bandwidth from 1 Hz to 64 kHz each, which can operate concurrently within the 32 MHz wide DDC bandwidth. This allows independent and simultaneous
demodulation, recording and further digital processing within each demodulator, offering in essence three fully-fledged HF receivers within the one unit.

The WiNRADiO WR-G35DDCi will be available after the Ham Radio show, at a recommended sales price of Euro 4,197.50, plus any applicable local sales taxes.


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