List price of Bonito 1102S RadioJet for US

Universal Radio has published the “List Price” of the Bonito 1102S RadioJet at  $784.00 US.

This could make the RadioJet a very strong competitor to other SDRs on the market in North America. The list price (not necessarily the final price Universal will announce–which could be lower) is  $216 less than that of the Microtelecom Perseus ($999.95 US) and the $116 less than the WinRadio Excalibur ($899.95 US).

After reading Fernando’s review of the RadioJet–where he compared it to the Perseus–this may be one of the best SDR performers for the price. We will be reviewing the Bonito 1102S RadioJet in the near future as well.

To follow all updates of the Bonito 1102S RadioJet, please follow our tag: RadioJet

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4 Responses to List price of Bonito 1102S RadioJet for US

  1. Rick Blythe says:

    Looks very promising. This software even looks a step ahead of the rest!

  2. Manuel Oliveira says:

    I own one Bonito RadioJet 1102S with the basic software and I can say that it’s a small wonder. It has a very low noise figure -140/-130dB and a high sensitivity. The software is a piece of art with a very nice graphical interface also very user friendly. It gives to the user lots of possibilities to control the unit. The people in Bonito are very pro and the service is very fast, I can say that it was a good choice I did.

  3. Ron says:

    For more info on the Radiojet1102S I made a yahoo group:

    Ron – on2ron / DXA64

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