Starting tonight, Radio Progreso on shortwave

Radio-Progreso-CubaAccording to Arnie Coro at Radio Havana Cuba, the Cuban medium wave broadcaster Radio Progreso will begin an “experimental” shortwave broadcast on 4,765 kHz from 00:30 till 04:00 UTC on October 1st, 2013. For those of us living in North America, this broadcast will begin at 08:30 PM EDT tonight.

I will attempt to listen and record the broadcast tonight.

Many thanks to David Goren for the tip and for Bryan Mangawhai’s original report to DX lists.

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4 Responses to Starting tonight, Radio Progreso on shortwave

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  3. Julus Daniels says:

    I live in North West Florida. Radio Progreso is sinpo 55555 here. The music is actually enjoyable and reminds me of the old days of Cuban music. I kinda hope it stays on air if for nothing else, to add variety on 60m. We are losing the international powerhouses, but maybe better programmed regionals will fill the void.

    • Arnie Coro says:

      Hi amigo !
      On what frequency do you pick Radio Progreso with the SINPO 55555 ?
      The 4765 kHz experimental Tropical 60 meters band transmission should
      also be a good copy at your location , because of the type of antenna
      in use .
      73 and DX
      Arnie Coro
      Host of Dxers Unlimited radio hobby program
      Radio Habana Cuba

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