Mehmet Burk reviews the Kaito KA550 self-powered radio


Many thanks to Mehmet Burk of for sharing his most positive review of the Kaito KA550 self-powered shortwave radio.

[Note: I’ve updated this post to link to the Kaito KA550. I initially linked to the older KA500 by mistake. Apologies!]

Click here to read his full review:

The Kaito KA550 currently retails for about $59.00 US shipped.

8 thoughts on “Mehmet Burk reviews the Kaito KA550 self-powered radio

  1. I believe this review mislead many people on the market, we have improved the KA500 a lot since 2008, and the writer sent his review only because he did nit get a replaced radio. If he wants to review it again, I would like to replaced it with a new one.


    • Apologies, Walter. You are correct–I have updated the post and commented with a note to reflect the review of the KA550. Sorry about that–I’m under the weather and just read the wrong model number.

  2. The linked review is for the KA-550 which seems to be a newer version of the KA-500 shown here. I had a KA-500 which was merely an OK radio/flashlight/charger for emergencies. Has anyone else had any experience with the KA-550? From the linked review, it looks a bit different and the reviewer feels it’s a great radio.

    • By the way, a quick search of Amazon shows the KA-550 for $49 with no reviews, so it must be a new version, at least here in the US.

    • And it’s now on my wish list, but I’ll wait for a few others to write some reviews before I spring for it. Unless someone wants to send me one to review both here and on Amazon, hint, hint 😉

      • Hey Ken – I did the review at and I really like this product a lot (as you can tell :). I find myself going to this product frequently around the house now, just for everyday use. Honestly, I wish I had this product when I lived in Hawaii a decade ago–I think it would have handled the RNZI SW broadcasts really well, as well as NOAA Wx, plus stuff like Hawaii Public Radio and those late night Coast to Coast broadcasts on am!!

        • Mehmet,

          Thanks for the review! Apologies for first linking to the KA500. I’ve corrected this and noted it in the post. I’ve got some sort of stomach flu and not running on a full set of pistons about now.


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