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VOA Radiogram 128 on a cheap Tesco shortwave radio

SWLing Post reader, Christopher, lives on the north coast of Labrador, Canada. He recently contacted me regarding the purchase of a new receiver–he’s currently stuck with a very inexpensive analog portable he purchased at the UK grocery store, Tesco: the Tesco … Continue reading

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SPROUT SSTV and Digitalker Every Sunday

AMSAT-UK Announces SSTV Activity Every Sunday Slow Scan TV (SSTV) images in Scottie 1 format will be transmitted from the SPROUT satellite every Sunday (Japanese Standard Time) on 437.600 MHz FM (+/- 9 kHz Doppler shift). The Digitalker will also … Continue reading

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Avion DRM Receiver now shipping via Amazon India

The Avion portable DRM receiver is now available on Amazon India (click here to view). It’s being sold for 14,999.00 INR (roughly $230 US). At time of posting, The Avion DRM receiver only has one review by someone who has (obviously) never … Continue reading

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Hearing Ghadir: Iran’s Sepehr Phased Radar System

In response to Andrea’s UVB-76 recording, SWLing Post contributor, Mehdi, comments: Thomas, another signal which may sound mysterious: Iran’s OTH Radar, named “Ghadir”; part of Iran’s Sepehr Phased Radar System. They’d polluted the 10-meter band [in the past]; now they … Continue reading

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The Avion AV-DR -1401 DRM receiver to ship in October

Many thanks to several SWLing Post readers who shared this RadioWorld article about the new Avion AV-DR -1401 portable DRM receiver. According to RadioWorld, the AV-1401 will be sold through Amazon India as of October 2015 for approximately $175 US. … Continue reading

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Special VOA Radiogram broadcast for European Researchers’ Night

(Source: VOA Radiogram via Richard Langley) VOA Radiogram will participate in European Researchers’ Night 2015, specifically to the Notte europea dei ricercatori at Frascati, near Rome. There will be a special broadcast of VOA Radiogram Friday, 25 September, at 1830-1900 … Continue reading

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Want to develop a VOA Radiogram application?

Are you an application developer? The VOA Radiogram is seeking a developer to create software for PCs and mobile devices “to simplify the decoding of text and images transmitted by VOA and other radio stations.” The RFQ and Statement of Work from the Broadcasting … Continue reading

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