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Software Defined Receivers (SDRs) for the visually impaired listener

At the 2015 Winter SWL Fest, I co-hosting a forum on Software-Defined Radios.  Afterwards, a radio friend–who happens to be visually impaired–approached me to ask: “What is the best SDR for those who are blind or visually impaired?” I’d never been asked … Continue reading

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VOA Radiogram #100

Dr. Kim Elliott, has been transmitting VOA Radiograms to a devoted set of global listeners for two years. Indeed, he recently passed a milestone by transmitting the 100th episode of the VOA Radiogram. Most impressive! SWLing Post reader, Harald (DL1ABJ), recently … Continue reading

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Kyodo News Agency Fax and the Sony CRF-V21

My friend, @K7al_L3afta, posted to Twitter, the following fax he decoded from the Kyodo News Agency on 12,745 kHz today: The Kyodo News Agency is possibly the last marine weather fax station which faxes daily news (full newspapers) and navigational warnings to ships … Continue reading

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The Quadrus SDR: A New Military-Grade Software Defined Radio Receiver

Dr. Bertalan Eged of Spectrafold Technologies recently contacted me regarding a new military grade SDR they’ve produced: the Quadrus SDR. Today is the Quadrus official release. The Quadrus SDR has phase-coherent multi-channel capabilities with up to 16 channels, which means that it … Continue reading

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The Spectrum Monitor: only $24 for a year’s subscription

On occasion, the things you enjoy most, you forget to share with your friends. Not sure why this happens, but this is certainly the case with the Spectrum Monitor magazine (TSM). I’m long overdue to properly pitch TSM to my readers, which I feel … Continue reading

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VOA Radiogram, 29-30 November 2014: Dim the lights

(Source: VOA Radiogram) Flmsg returns this weekend on The Mighty KBC. See details below. This week on VOA Radiogram, the “surprise mode of the week” becomes the “bonus mode of the week.” Because many of you have problems with the … Continue reading

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STF Broadcast #2 Schedule

(Source: STF Radio International) STF Radio International Broadcast #2 November 30 0500-0600 UTC 5110 / 7490 / 7570 / 7730 / 9330 The Americas 9955 The Carribean 17645 Asia Preshow Warm-up!! November 30 0400-0500 UTC 7730 Khz The Americas PLUS! … Continue reading

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