Kyodo News Radio Fax on the passing of Seiji Ozawa

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Carlos Latuff, who shares the Radiofax news report (above) from Kyodo News Agency and his amazing artwork (below) detailing the news and his Radiofax reception. Carlos writes:

This time, the main headline of Kyodo News Morning Edition it’s about the passing of the world-renowned conductor Seiji Ozawa.

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2 thoughts on “Kyodo News Radio Fax on the passing of Seiji Ozawa

  1. Larry

    Seiji Ozawa was a revolutionary conductor bringing the more “modern” classical music pieces to the fore. He conducted many of the world’s greatest orchestras and will be fondly remembered by many. Ironically (for this radio based population), he turned down the position of director of the NHK radio symphony orchestra.


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