SDXF on air for World Radio Day

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Iurescia, who shares the following announcement from the SDXF website (translated via Google Translate):

Tuesday, February 13, 2024, it is time again for World Radio Day. Sweden’s DX Association participates in the celebration with a newly produced special program. As in previous broadcasts, there will be a mix of interviews and other features. This time some of the program items are in English. Those listeners who got in touch after our last broadcast, on December 26, 2023, will be notified in a shorter mailbox.

The world’s shortest music program this time presents music from Peru. As usual, the broadcast has been put together by Göran Lindemark.

This time too, the program will be broadcast on shortwave on Channel 292 in Germany. The frequency is 9670 kHz. The program is broadcast at 11.00 with a repeat at 15.00 Swedish winter time.

Reports and comments can be emailed to us . It is then our QSL manager Gert Nilsson who answers the listener post. Feel free to comment on the program content!

We hope for a good reception and that the program content will be of interest. Unfortunately, it is now very unusual to have Swedish-language programs on shortwave.

Click here to read the original announcement in Swedish.

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2 thoughts on “SDXF on air for World Radio Day

  1. K.U.

    The SDXF website has even a news item about another special World Radio Day (Tue, 13 Feb, 2024) transmission: Italradio 19-20 UTC 6035 kHz, 100 kW from Santa Maria di Galeria.

    The transmission is multilingual (Italian, French, English) and has radiohistorical content from Marconi to present day.

  2. Richard Murray

    Literally decades ago, I was a very active shortwave listener. I sent a detailed reception report to Radio Sweden hoping for a QSL card. Instead, they sent me a really nice T-shirt with their logo on it, and the words Keep In Touch – Radio Sweden


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