The new RFspace NetSDR–limited availability Feburary 10

The RFspace NetSDR wideband receiver

The new RFspace NetSDR has been announced on the RFspace website and Universal Radio is already accepting orders. According to RFSpace, they will have limited availability on February 10th 2011.

Based on the NetSDR’s specs, it appears that this will be a very robust and high-performance SDR. RFspace is touting that it’s fully plug and play and designed to be integrated with your home network and the internet.

We will post all updates about the NetSDR here and on our new Shortwave Radio Index website  (click here for the RFspace NetSDR entry).  When available, we will also link to relevant reviews in the SWRI entry.

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2 thoughts on “The new RFspace NetSDR–limited availability Feburary 10

  1. Faye

    I am looking in to getting a short wave radio for my home……. I want one that is made in USA, not another country…….. I have read your page but I can not see where to get this one…..or how much it is…… Please send me information on where I can get this short wave ….. and how much……. thank you, Faye

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Faye,

      I know of no portable shortwave radios–currently in production–that are made in the USA. There are US-based companies like C. Crane that design radios in the USA, but all manufacturing is in China.

      There are enthusiast-grade receivers that are still made in the US, but they are few. RFSpace comes to mind:

      Also, Palstar makes a tabletop radio called the R30A that is made in Ohio: It’ll set you back about $900.

      Unfortunately, USA-made portable shortwave radios are as rare as unicorns–the kind with wings.



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