C.Crane offers Black Friday pricing

C.Crane has “Black Friday” pricing on two of their radios:

They are selling one of my favorites for audio fidelity, the CCRadio-SW, for $124.95 (reg. $149.95) and a limited stock of refurbished units for $79.95.

They’re also selling their CCRadio-SWP, a small pocket radio with excellent MW and notable shortwave performance for $44.95 (reg. $49.95) with a limited stock of refurbished (“orphan”) units for $39.95.

According to their promotional email, prices are good through November 26th at 12:00 PM.

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One thought on “C.Crane offers Black Friday pricing

  1. Shirley Jane robinson

    Where is the flashlights for 14.95, that George Norry mentioned was on sale for only black Friday.
    I have purchased three radios from C Crane and they did not last one year.
    I need a flashlight, and I thought I would give C Crane another chance.


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