Radio Australia increases shortwave broadcasts into Papua New Guinea on 17,750 kHz

(Source: Radio Australia News)

Papua New Guinea’s parliament was resuming on Monday, despite no clear resolution to the country’s political crisis. 

Peter O’Neill says his government has taken control of the police and state offices.

[…]Earlier he said: “This clear direction now – this building will be in lockdown, only accessible to the Prime Minister (myself) and the Public Services Minister, who’s got an office in this office, and only the workers of this office. 

“No other members of the public will be allowed to come into this office.”

[…]ABC Radio Australia has increased its shortwave broadcasts to Papua New Guinea to help inform people about developments in the PNG political crisis.

Between 0930 and 1700 Port Moresby time, an extra frequency, 17750 kHz, will be added to the broadcast services for PNG.

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