The Voice of Greece and shortwave music

Yesterday, around 7:00PM local, I turned to 7,475 kHz–a favorite spot for Voice of Greece.

Once again, they filled my radio room with great Greek and international music…hours of uninterrupted music. Don’t believe me? Listen to the four hours of music I recorded. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “The Voice of Greece and shortwave music

  1. Steve

    Voice of Greece’s website is down, but I believe I am pulling in the station right now. I wanted to see what the reaction was to the strong showing of a very scary Neo-Nazi party in the recent elections. Anyone hear them recently?

  2. Terry

    If Greece, of all places, can keep their shortwave service going, then any government could (if they could be bothered.)

  3. Thomas Post author

    Thank you, Christos, for the clarification! I was not sure, but had assumed the music was a result of striking. Last year, I recorded hours of music during their first strike.

    I’ve discovered new artists during these long musical broadcasts. In this one, I found Michalis Nikoloudis’ “Deja Vu” at approx. 2:57.

    Again, thanks for posting the comment!

  4. christos.Radio

    Actually the recorded programme is from “DIKTYO ELLINIKIS RADIOFONIAS” – “Hellenic Radio Network” which is the only programme that the ERT channels transmit during strikes. The ERT employers had been on strike for several weeks, and yesterday, 19th of January, they stopped. The regular programme appeared again. The shortwave frequencies and MW 666 kHz (announced as 665 kHz) use now the old id “This is Athens. The Voice of Greece”.


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