Studio 1 Software Defined Radio will give your Perseus a resizable interface

One of the major complaints I hear regarding the benchmark Microtelecom Perseus SDR is that its GUI (graphic user interface) is not resizable or scalable to fit a large monitor at full-screen.

If you’re a Perseus owner and if this is a problem for you, then you need to watch for the release of Studio 1 Software Defined Radio by SDR Applications. Which will boast:

  • Fully re-sizable windows/interface,
  • support for multiple sessions
  • and state of the art visualization, demodulation and filtering

WoodBoxRadio told me that SDR Applications is still finishing off development, but plan to have a bug-free version of their software available at the end of March 2012. They told me that Studio 1 will work with the Microtelecom Perseus, FDM-S1 and the Softrock family of software defined radios (SDRs).

We will stay in touch with WoodBoxRadio and post any updates here on the SWLing Post.

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14 thoughts on “Studio 1 Software Defined Radio will give your Perseus a resizable interface

  1. Herman

    See post #1.

    The right monitor is the better way – i think so in second time…

    …i spend my money the Red Cross. 😉

  2. Andy

    Being a Perseus owner I purchased the Studio1 software in the hope that there was an intuitive interface and the shortcomings of Perseus had been resolved. However I was very disappointed as the user interface is extremely poor (much worse than Perseus) and would really benefit from a designer with UI experience. Unfortunately Sandro that fronts the software on the yahoo forum is a little over protective of his software baby and seems determined to follow his own direction in terms of the GUI. Although I am not using the software at the moment (back on the Perseus software!) I am hoping that the software may improve with future versions. That said I will not be buying any further updates after the year is up as I feel cheated and let down. It seems to me that the software was rushed out of the door and to be very honest although the technical design on the backend may be reasonable, I have seen better freeware packages in terms of usability!

    1. Andy

      Interesting development, I found this morning that I was banned from the Yahoo group for my comments here on this blog. Considering that I had pre-purchased the software and made factual comments to assist other users with their purchasing choice I am disgusted by Sandro’s actions. The total lack of manual (apart from a quick start guide) despite numerous requests from users and potential buyers shows contempt for the user community as a whole. I wish Sandro no malice, but I feel the immature approach taken in response to constructive critisism will not serve him or his software well going into the future. Studio 1 is in my opinion (and everyone is welcome to their own opinion Sandro) not quite fit for the general SWL market as it stands and requires an extremely steep learning curve to come to terms with. However the software does have promise and I would hope that Sandro can wake up to the needs of the user community if he wishes to succeed in a competitive market. Back to SDR Radio for me… Shame!

  3. Guy Atkins

    The free HDSDR software for the Perseus receiver offers a resizable Windows interface. I enjoy this feature a lot, and allows me to clearly see foreign “split” frequencies between the domestic channels on the MW band when using a widescreen monitor.

  4. Sandro Sfregola

    Herman, I really would like to know how you can express such an opinion about Studio 1 at this time: you know near nothing about it.

    Sandro Sfregola

  5. Thomas Post author

    Okay–looks like the price you found is for the ELAD FDM-S1. I, too, thought this was the price at first. Just caught this comment from WBR off of the Perseus reflector:

    NO, NO!

    Where did you find the Studio 1 price?
    That is the price of the new Elad receiver!
    Read carefully: Studio 1 will be much cheaper…


  6. Herman

    I mean It’s riding a “dead horse” – a right monitor-resolution is the better way – sorry. I spend my money for better things…


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