Recording Radio Kuwait with the RadioJet’s IF recorder

While playing with the Bonito 1102S RadioJet the other day, I received a strong signal from Radio Kuwait. I thought I’d record the music they were playing, as the fidely was impressive for a signal traveling nearly 7000 miles.

Instead of recording the actual audio of the broadcast with the RadioJet’s AF recorder, I decided to use the IF recorder, which saves and records 24 kHz of actual spectrum. This is an excellent way to record while leaving it unattended. Later, when you review the material, you can refine and shape your recording of an individual broadcast.  Then, if an adjacent signal or some other condition requires you to adjust filters, you can do so just as you would when recording a live broadcast.

Though the file sizes are marginally larger than those the AF recorder produces, it’s not a hard drive-eater like broad spectrum recordings on an SDR.

One more (very cool) RadioJet feature: while making an IF recording, the RadioJet embeds UTC time code in the recording. This way, should you make a recording and forget to note the time you begin it, the time code shows up in the display. The Perseus also does this, and I think it’s a brilliant addition.

If you want to hear the 30+ minute recording I made of Radio Kuwait, simply listen to the file embedded below, or click here to download the mp3:

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