Dan Lewis: RNI’s Mailbag archive

I just found out that Dan Lewis, from RNI’s Mailbag show, created a site to share and preserve his programs that aired over the years on WWCR, WBCQ, WRNO, and NYC area microbroadcasters such as Stereo 9 FM.

The first archived show is from December 23rd, 1990 and aired on WWCR.

Dan’s site can be found at: http://danlewisradioguy.blogspot.com/

As he says, “Give a listen if you dare.”

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2 thoughts on “Dan Lewis: RNI’s Mailbag archive

  1. Dan Lewis

    We haven’t posted any new (old) content lately, but I’m going through some old, unlabeled, reel-to-reel tapes and have discovered a few RNI Mailbag shows from 1990. One has been posted and another will follow next week. Next week’s show features letters from noted piratologists Andy Yoder and George Zeller and noted DXers Jerry Berg and Rich D’Angelo.

  2. Dan Lewis


    Thanks so much for posting this. As a special treat, on Friday I’m going to post a very rare recording from August 10, 1980, when NYC microbroadcaster Stereo 9 FM reported live from the Democratic National Convention in NYC. In addition to me, the recording includes Ed Armstrong — aka Randi Steele of Radio Newyork International and WBCQ. This was an attempt at some serious — and not so serious — news reporting by a NYC pirate broadcaster.

    Thanks for inviting your readers to my site.


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