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With your help, Bill would like to take a deep dive into Mailbags!

Original image by Sigmund via UnsplashMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill Meara, from the excellent Soldersmoke Podcast, who writes:


A recent comment on the SS blog about the roots of our podcast got me thinking about one of our favorite segments: the Mailbag.

I know that in coming up with this segment — and its name — I was influenced by the shortwave broadcast stations I listened to as a kid.

Today I did a bit of Googling to find out which ones had Mailbags.

Turns out that the practice and the term almost certainly originated at Radio Moscow. You will find this interesting:


HCJB had DX-Party Line, but I don’t know if they had a segment called Mailbag. It may have been just one big mailbag!

Radio Romania still has one (I think). As does Radio Havana Cuba.

I saw one reference to a Canadian “Maple Leaf Mailbag” but I don’t recall ever hearing this.

Any other Mailbags out there?

73 Bill

I, too, have a lot of nostalgia for Mailbag shows. As you note, there are still quite a few on the air. Radio Romania International always comes to mind and also the many reader notes Jeff White addresses in Wavescan on WRMI. I was called out on the Maple Leaf Mailbag a number of times, but that was more than a decade ago now (wow–next year, RCI will have been off the air for a decade! Let that sink in!).

I’m sure there are many more.

SWLing Post readers: Can you please comment with any active Mailbag shows you know of currently on the shortwaves? Perhaps mention the broadcaster and program name and any of your favorites. Thank you in advance!

While you’re at it, check out the Solder Smoke podcast!

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Latest addition to the RNI Mailbag archive

DanLewisDan Lewis, from RNI’s Mailbag show, describes the latest addition to his audio archive:

You can’t keep a good pirate down. Another snow-filled weekend in NYC seems like a good time to go back in time to November 11, 1990. Al Gore had not yet invented the internet, but somehow Dan Lewis was able to talk to the world on international shortwave — despite almost not being able to board a flight home from Paris. And this was before the TSA!
Give a listen over at the blog.

Enjoy the snow and enjoy the show!

Dan also commented on the SWLing Post:

We haven’t posted any new (old) content lately, but I’m going through some old, unlabeled, reel-to-reel tapes and have discovered a few RNI Mailbag shows from 1990. One has been posted and another will follow next week.

Next week’s show features letters from noted piratologists Andy Yoder and George Zeller and noted DXers Jerry Berg and Rich D’Angelo.

Andy Yoder and George Zeller?  That’s certainly going to be a good show! Let us know when it’s posted, Dan!

Click here to go to Dan Lewis’ website.

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Dan Lewis: RNI’s Mailbag archive

I just found out that Dan Lewis, from RNI’s Mailbag show, created a site to share and preserve his programs that aired over the years on WWCR, WBCQ, WRNO, and NYC area microbroadcasters such as Stereo 9 FM.

The first archived show is from December 23rd, 1990 and aired on WWCR.

Dan’s site can be found at: http://danlewisradioguy.blogspot.com/

As he says, “Give a listen if you dare.”

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