Radio Exterior de España leaving shortwave? Not yet.

This week, Radio Exterior de España (REE) suddenly dropped many of their analog shortwave broadcasts. I waited to mention this on the SWLing Post because, even though they were no longer on the air, I had heard no rumors beforehand and I had recently been in contact with them.

SWLer, Mark Coady, made a post on Facebook today with a message from REE stating that there was a lot of internal confusion and frustration regarding REE suddenly dropping shortwave services. They also mentioned that REE is planning to restore shortwave services again, possibly as soon as this weekend. I just received a short message from an REE contact to the same effect.

So, we will see if they restore services this weekend or early next week.  I personally enjoy listening to REE’s services in English and French.  I especially love their music, when they play it.

If you’re an REE fan, I suggest you contact them ASAP ( and show your support. Though services are being re-established, shortwave broadcasts may be on the chopping block again in the near future.


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