Video: Maintenance on an ABC shortwave antenna and transmitter

Thanks to Paul Thurst on the blog Engineering Radio, I discovered this excellent video of the engineering staff of ABC (Radio Australia) servicing some of their HF antennas and transmitters.  Having visited several shortwave transmission sites myself, I truly appreciate this peek inside Radio Australia.

Do any of you know which Radio Australia site this is? I’m curious if it is Shepparton. Please comment!

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4 thoughts on “Video: Maintenance on an ABC shortwave antenna and transmitter

  1. Frank Holden

    The countryside looks like Shepparton to me ( my home QTH is about an hours drive from there).
    It is quite recent as PM Julie Gillard can be heard speaking at one stage.
    Also they talk of b’casts to PNG and the SW Pacific. As far as I know they all originate in Shep.


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