2 thoughts on “Sky News reporter detained in China while on air

  1. Mark Fahey

    Amazing! While the whole event ended up be sparked by the crew supposedly not wearing their press credentials rather than a problem with the content of their reports from Tiananmen the video certainly captures the “differences” you can experience in reporting from the PRC.

    1. Thomas Post author

      That’s right, Mark, and what struck me, too.

      I actually understand authorities imposing some rules and standards for reporting in “restricted” or “sensitive” areas…well, to some degree. For example, if a Chinese news reporter tried to stand in front of the NSA front door and start filming, there would be rules imposed (and forceful action taken, more than likely). However, I take notice anytime a voice is quelled in Tiananmen Square. I can’t tell from this video if the reporter wasn’t abiding by local policy or not (when in Rome, and all of that), but it all smacks of that media control that’s prevalent in China.

      But, hey, the police were quite courteous! 🙂



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