Lutus’ review of the Sangean ATS-909X

ATS-909X_smallThanks to Benn (AK4AV) for forwarding Paul Lutus’ in-depth review of the Sangean ATX-909X.

Lutus mentions that shortwave sensitivity is fairly low, but medium wave and FM are quite good.

Click here to read the full review:

On a side note, Benn points out that Paul Lutus was the inventor of the AppleWriter, an early word processor that he eventually sold to Apple.


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5 thoughts on “Lutus’ review of the Sangean ATS-909X

  1. Mark

    I think large part of the sensitivity problem has to due with the DSP. Every DSP based receiver I’ve seen in recent years has acted exactly the same way with very weak signals. Once a certain level is reached the signal vanishes, only to pop back in when the signal level increases even slightly. It’s kind of a binary thing, either receive or not receive, and nothing in-between.

    Re Paul Lutus: I remember Apple Writer clearly! It was my favorite word processor for years and was enormously powerful, versatile and complex for its time. It almost had its own programming language for printer manipulation. I believe it was able to control Postscript printers back then. Not bad for a program that fit on one 140K floppy disk and ran on an 8 bit machine with 64K RAM!


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