The Voice of Greece on air: comments about live protest coverage

vogCheck out the comments in our previous post regarding the Voice of Greece–Ron and Kevin share informative links, including this live stream of the protests.

Marty Delfin, from Madrid, Spain, also shares this message with us:

We are hearing the ERT (Voice of Greece) right now at 2340 UTC June 11 in Spain packing in a powerful signal. There is a lot of commentary — the little Greek that I can understand — trashing the conservative government for the shutdown. Hopefully, they say, the shortwave service will continue until further notice. Lots of reaction from listeners being broadcast. You are right— went on the air at 2100 UTC with just a carrier— came on the air about 45 minutes later—

Here’s the latest from the English language version of the Kathimerini daily from Athens— PM gambles on ERT closure and EBU expresses dismay on closure —

Such a stark contrast: the Voice of Greece (who “should” be off the air) covering ERT protests live, while the Voice of Turkey has barely mentioned the wide-spread Gezi Park demonstrations taking place throughout Turkey.

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