Voice of Greece on shortwave throughout the night, despite ERT shut down

Thousands of protesters gathered outside ERT's headquarters in Athens (Source: BBC News)

Thousands of protesters gathered outside ERT’s headquarters in Athens (Source: BBC News)

If you listened to the Voice Of Greece in the wake of the Greek National TV & Radio (ERT) shut down last night, you were in for a bit of radio history.

I published several posts yesterday as the story developed; I knew if ERT was being silenced, the Voice of Greece would as well. But that’s not what happened.

The Voice of Greece went off the air, like its national radio and TV counterparts, well before the announced midnight deadline. But around 22:44 UTC, the VoG came back on the air–at first with a few audio/technical glitches–and broadcast ERT protest coverage throughout the night.

This morning, I searched for news sources and could only find one–BBC News–who noticed that the Greek broadcaster was live online and on shortwave radio.

In case you missed it hearing it live, you can listen to a short off-air recording of the moment the Voice of Greece was taken off the air, (on 15.65 MHz).  I believe this happened around 18:56 UTC (11 June 2013):

Then later, on 9.42 MHz, around 22:44 UTC, the Voice of Greece began transmitting audio again. Here’s a recording beginning only a few seconds beforehand:

Follow the tag ERT Cuts for further updates.

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3 thoughts on “Voice of Greece on shortwave throughout the night, despite ERT shut down

  1. Norbert Walser

    Dear Greek Friends
    I apreciate the Greek people and Í?m learning the Greek language.
    I would be very sad not to be able hearing “Radio Elathas” on 9420 kHz.
    I aske doing all to reactivate this transmitions.

  2. Christos_Athens

    This evening, I visited the Radio House of ERT (Radiomegeron) in Aghia Paraskevi suburb of Athens. I estimate that about three thousand people had been gathered to protest against the government’s decision of shutting down the radio and television channels. I cannot predict the reaction of authorities but I think that the popular support is limited.
    At this time I checked two transmissions. A television one, through EBU internet video stream:
    And a radio one, relayed by some local FM stations and two classic ERT frequencies: 9429 KHz on short waves from Avlis and 1260 KHz on medium waves from Rhodes island. I receive both with my eton E5 portable radio right now.

    1. spain

      now in 9420kHz with weak signal, and 15630kHz from GTM 17 with strong signal after interval signal could hear


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