Is Firedrake on the decline?



Have you noticed less Firedrake broadcasts lately? I certainly have.  My buddy David pointed this out to me last week and since then I haven’t heard Firedrake even once. I have, however, heard the more aggressive and noisy Chinese jamming techniques.

Perhaps it’s just a “watched pot never boils” situation? I’m not sure; some SWLs on the hard-core DX reflector have also noticed a lack of Firedrake across the bands.

Have you heard Firedrake lately? Please comment with loggings.

For readers who are unfamiliar with Firedrake, check out this previous post.

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11 thoughts on “Is Firedrake on the decline?

  1. Bob Britain

    I know this post is old now, but just to confirm that China is now relying on a signal that is more like ‘DRM’ to do its jamming rather than Firedrake (though FD is still active). Apparently their main jamming station on Hainan island has recently been updated which might be the cause of the change. Also the DRM jamming is proving more effective.

  2. Dan

    I purchased a Digitech AR-1949 SW receiver this week & have been listening all week. Have not heard the firedrake at all.

  3. Moshe Ze'ev Zaharia

    Hi Thomas.
    Last night, 23/8/2013, at about 22:00UTC, Firedrake came in very loud at 49meter band, it sounded the same as the recording at previous post.
    I didn’t verified the frequency, since I was monitoring with my tube radio (more immune to qrm, and more sensitive). But it was around 5900KHz.
    All the best,
    Moshe Z.

  4. Glimmer Twin

    I just noticed a few “new” firedrakes in the last couple of weeks. The decrease in firedrake seems to have happened back in March but lately there have been more of them on air. In North America it is usually heard on 13795 at 12 – 13:00 UTC. In Europe (listening via various remotes) I hear firedrake daily on 21710 at 13:00 UTC. From 19:00 to 21:00 FD is on 9745 5890 & 9355. As I write this at 19:45 utc FD is on 5890 & 9355 both Radio Free Asia frequencies. I have noticed an increase in what I presume to be Chinese noise jamming of various English language broadcasts ( DW, BBC, Radio Australia, AIR & VOA) & a lot of China National Radio 1 being used as a jammer.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Thanks so much for the loggings. It must be that FD is not appearing where I’m used to hearing them. I’ll try to catch them on 13795 and make a recording.

  5. Weighted_Cube

    Heard:9355 and 9745 | AM mode
    Quality: Good
    Heard on: WebSDR.
    Time: (Start) 1736z UTC 21 August 2013 (Wednesday)

    SINPO: 34333


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