Pirate Radio Recordings: Radio Free Whatever

1924VintageTorontoLast night, I caught pirate radio station Radio Free Whatever; a new one for me.

Pirate radio listening has been difficult this summer between travels and thunderstorms, so I was happy to hear a carrier on 6,945 kHz AM, starting around 01:55 UTC.

Though a tad weak, with AM sync detection enabled, the signal to noise ratio tilted in my favor and made for pleasant listening through the turbulent summer ether.

Click here to download the entire broadcast of Radio Free Whatever, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

Standard Pirate Radio Disclaimer: This is a recording of a real pirate radio broadcast, and as such, may include colorful language. In general, if you are easily offended by the words, ideas, music lyrics, or music herein, you should slowly…back… away…

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