Document radio interference via the Ofcom Spectrum Management Survey

PLT devices can produce broad spectrum noise on the shortwave/amateur radio HF bands

PLT devices can produce broad spectrum noise on the shortwave/amateur radio HF bands

Nige (G7CNF) recently contacted me regarding a survey he has created to help document and fight radio interference from power line technology and other sources.

If you live in the UK and can create an Ofcom case reference number, please consider contributing.

Nige writes:

I have created a new forum (or rather relaunched my old one but with some rebranding) […] dedicated to discussing and curing [radio] interference.

I was contacted recently on one of my PLT YT videos by a SWL who was suffering PLT interference and it reminded me that since 2010, SWLs have had no ‘right to complain’ in the UK after Ofcom delegated domestic broadcast interference to the BBC. Frankly I think that is unacceptable and I want to address that imbalance.

I have created a new survey, the ‘Ofcom Spectrum Management Survey.’ Unlike the previous incarnation which was aimed at radio amateurs alone, this time I have opened it up to all radio users, regardless of type; the only qualification needed to fill this survey is an Ofcom case reference number. […]

Like the RSGB noise floor monitoring campaign which has just been stepped up to incorporate the use of the Cross-Country-Wireless Sentinel SDR noise monitor, I believe that my Ofcom survey will offer insights into the regulator’s performance over over time – and highlight its deficiencies by placing Ofcom spectrum abuse cases in the public domain.

The survey can be found here:

The forum, here:

Many thanks for your time and the best of luck with the hobby.


Nige, thank you for organizing this survey and campaign–best of luck moving forward!

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2 thoughts on “Document radio interference via the Ofcom Spectrum Management Survey

  1. CB Radio User

    Thankfully I haven’t had any problems with PLT interference but have spoken to people on the CB bands who have had problem with neighbours using them and making it impossible to use the CB/HF bands at home and can going use their radios mobile.

    I just pray these devices don’t become common used.

  2. Alex

    Powerline and other electronic devices are harmful for radio communications. These problems can only kept in check if there are enough strong organizations that oppose the spectrum pollution.

    Unfortunately there are fewer and fewer users of the spectrum below 30 MHz: In large parts of Europe the traditional AM (medium wave) bands are dead or will be so within a few years. There are very few uses of the log wave spectrum, for example for time signals an military applications at the very low end.

    Therefore I fear that our children will be able to use shortwave only where they are today able to look at the stars: Very far away from where we live.


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